Van Hessen presents the new slogan:
It all matters

Individually strong – even better together

Bioiberica: launches first-of-its-kind Atopivet®
Collar skin health solution for dogs and cats

SARIA Global Newsletter May 2023

Van Hessen presents the new slogan: It all matters

Recently, “It all matters” has become the new slogan to accompany the Van Hessen logo.

Why a new slogan?

“The new slogan is going to help us stand out from our competitors,” explains Inger Spee, the Marketing & Communication Specialist of Van Hessen. “Precisely because everything is really important to us. We can distinguish ourselves with that message in the market. In the entire process, we take that extra step every time for the best quality from gutroom to sausage maker. It is time to tell this. It is part of our professionalization toward the outside world and internally toward our people.” Of course, we want to know where we will encounter the new slogan. “The slogan will be implemented from 2023 onward and become visible on a number of our assets such as our corporate brochure, videos and trucks,” says Inger.

What does the slogan mean?

“It all matters” connects what we believe in and what we promise you. Our attention to detail, how we work with everyone throughout the supply chain and how, with our colleagues and you, we make the ordinary extraordinary.

Watch the video to learn more:

Devro: Individually strong – even better together

On 14th April 2023, Devro officially joined the SARIA Group as part of the Food & Pharma Division.

Devro is one of the world’s leading suppliers of collagen based edible films, coatings and casings for food, used by customers in the production of a wide variety of meat products, particularly sausages. Collagen is a naturally occurring polymer which is transformed into gel, tubular casing and film at one of seven manufacturing sites in Australia, China, Czech Republic, Netherlands, UK, and US.

Devro employs over 2,000 people worldwide, with skills and knowledge ranging from chemical and electrical engineering to food technology, meat science and environmental health. Over 100 staff are in daily contact with more than 1,000 customers, providing specialist technical advice and support for sophisticated food manufacturing operations in more than 100 countries.

To give Devro employees more information about SARIA Group and outlook on the joint future of the SARIA Food & Pharma Division, Town Hall events and Teams calls are being held during April, May and June. These sessions are hosted by Harald Van Boxtel (SARIA Executive Board member and CEO of SARIA Food & Pharma) and Rutger Helbing (CEO, Devro).  During these sessions, Devro employees have been full of curiosity, asking many interesting questions and finding opportunities for conversation. There was also an opportunity to enjoy some delicious cakes to welcome Devro into the SARIA Group.

The onboarding process into the SARIA Group will focus on the inclusion of Devro in the Food & Pharma division. At the same time, future collaboration between the individual business units (Van Hessen, Devro, Bioiberica) within the division Food & Pharma will also play a role in the integration process. A number of workstreams have been identified where representatives from the business units as well as SARIA itself, will showcase their individual strengths and identify synergies to maximize our joint potential to become even better together.

It’s an exciting time for Devro as we explore the possibilities for growth, innovation, and collaboration.

Bioiberica: launches first-of-its-kind Atopivet® Collar skin health solution for dogs and cats Supply chains

In April Bioiberica has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Atopivet® Collar – a pioneering skin health solution for the companion animal health market.

A world-first, it offers pet owners an alternative to currently available topical and oral treatments with a more convenient application format to support in the management of atopic dermatitis – a chronic skin condition, which affects at least 10% of dogs. Following a successful launch in the US last summer, the Atopivet® Collar is now available in Spain, with plans to launch across Europe in the near future.

Atopic dermatitis show clinical signs including itchy, inflamed, and damaged skin, as well as scaly patches and fur loss. The life-long condition is characterised by short-term flare-ups which can be difficult to manage. Existing support for atopic dermatitis, such as topical and oral treatments, can be problematic and time-consuming especially for pet guardians to administer. The new Atopivet® Collar provides an additional tool to address these challenges with an easy, fuss-free collar application. In addition, the collar is lavender-scented and waterproof.

“We recognised the need for an accessible, effective option that gives owners the freedom to choose a non-invasive, practical alternative to traditional oils, creams and tablets,” comments Jordi Flores Garcia, Marketing Director, Companion Animal Health at Bioiberica. “While the collar format is a completely new and innovative approach to supporting pets’ skin health, the ingredient within it have already been shown to be an effective aid for skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, giving vets and pet guardians alike assurance of its results.”

The collar is the latest addition to Bioiberica’s existing Atopivet® range, which includes several products designed for long and short-term management of skin health in companion animals. All products in the range comprise Bioiberica’s scientifically backed, biologically-derived ingredients, enabling a multimodal approach to supporting pet skin health.