SARIA Global Newsletter May 2023

Sustainability Report 2023 – Let’s get digital!


Modern, interactive and exciting – under the title ‘Creating Tomorrow, Together’ the SARIA Group’s most recent sustainability report was published on May 17, 2023 and the content is more captivating than ever before.

New structure creates more space for individual topics

With a clear commitment to greater customer focus, the structure of the Sustainability Report has been adapted. Instead of dividing the report into topic sections, there is now a common Group section alongside separate sub-pages for each business unit, on which the individual key topics and the corresponding services are presented. In line with our holistic understanding of sustainability, the report includes content from the areas of Environment, Social and Governance to provide a transparent overview of our diverse sustainability activities.

Digital and modern with guaranteed reliability

Following our approach of embedding sustainability in everything we do, we have decided for the first time to publish the report exclusively digitally. In addition to saving paper, this also allows us to incorporate multimedia elements such as videos or animated infographics, which increases reader-friendliness and opens up new design possibilities. The report is integrated into all SARIA websites and can also appear as a link on the websites of the individual business units.

To ensure reliability, the key figures related to the GRI SRS (2021) indicators have been externally validated.

Behind the scenes

How is our sustainability report actually prepared?

In addition to the report, a flyer is currently being prepared that can be used as an accompanying print medium. Both the report and the flyer will be available in different language versions.