ReFood France: embracing environmental
excellence at Pollutec Exhibition

ReFood Germany: new initiative
to collect UCO from private households

ReFood Spain: Quality
Health and Safety (QHSE) Annual Meeting

ReFood Poland: Building
relationships at the new site in Mszczonów

SecAnim France: winning the
emergency poultry sanitation contract

SecAnim Poland:
gets closer to its customers

SARIA Global Newsletter
September 2023

ReFood France: embracing environmental excellence at Pollutec Exhibition

The Pollutec Exhibition, a flagship event in the environmental industry, is gearing up for its grand return, and this year, ReFood France is making its highly anticipated debut at this prestigious event.

With over 73,000 visitors and more than 2,300 companies in attendance, Pollutec is truly the international hub for innovation and environmental excellence.

For ReFood, being present at Pollutec holds paramount importance. It is an opportunity to connect with our valuable partners, meet with our clients, and share our latest advancements in sustainable waste management. This year, the Pollutec Exhibition will take place from October 10th to 13th at the EurExpo in Lyon – France.

We have assembled a dedicated and passionate team eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to our booth. This experience will provide us with the chance to strengthen our bonds with our partners, establish new connections, and contribute to shaping a cleaner and more sustainable future.

ReFood is ready to take its first steps at the Pollutec Exhibition. Join us at booth H2-D109 to discover how we continue to push the boundaries of sustainability and transform environmental challenges into positive opportunities. We are eager to meet you at Pollutec!

ReFood Germany: new initiative to collect UCO from private households

ReFood Germany has started the initiative “Mit Altfetten die Umwelt retten” [Save the environment with used fats] to collect used cooking oils and fats from private households and use them to produce environmentally friendly energy such as green electricity, biogas and biodiesel.

How it works

Private households can collect their used frying fats and cooking oils in sealable containers and hand them in at no charge to the initiative’s partners, such as participating supermarkets or recycling centers. Collected are cooking oils and fats that accumulate in the kitchen daily. These include deep-frying and frying fats, oils from marinated foods or expired oil-containing goods such as margarine or butter. Household plastic containers such as empty yogurt buckets and detergent bottles or oil bottles are suitable for collection. These containers can be deposited free of charge in the appropriate garbage cans at all participating supermarkets and recycling centers. In ReFood’s modern recycling facilities, these materials are then processed and used in biogas plants to produce electricity or further processed to generate biodiesel.

Win-win situation for society

Since many people disposed their used cooking oils and fats down the sink, this recycling initiative not only makes valuable resources usable, but it can also significantly reduce the burden on pipelines and sewage systems. A total win-win situation for our society as a whole: more resource conservation, more sustainability and more green energy, and at the same time fewer clogged pipes and polluted wastewater.

Click here to check out the website for more information.

ReFood Poland: Building relationships at the new site in Mszczonów

ReFood Poland has been building relationships with the local community of Mszczonów since the first days after opening the new plant.

As a new member of the community of Mszczonów and the entire district, we want to show that our mission is not only to run a business that promotes environmental protection, but also to honor and support those who work with tireless enthusiasm to protect the health and the environment in our society.

That’s why we decided to support local firefighting units by sponsoring prizes for the firefighting sports competition that took place in mid-September. In this way, we express our support for those who serve the community with passion every day, often putting their health at risk.

We strongly believe that our support for firefighters is only the beginning of ReFood’s presence in this inspiring community and in building mutual good relations. In addition to business activities, we also focus on building relationships to be a good neighbor and work with the local community to create a better future together.

ReFood Spain: Quality Health and Safety (QHSE) Annual Meeting

In June, ReFood’s QHSE managers from Spain, France and Poland worked together with ReFood’s logistics team, Organics2Power’s Sustainability Manager and ReFood’s management team at SARIA’s office in Granollers (Barcelona) to develop a common strategy and standards.

This event was of great importance for our organization, as it brought together so many people from different countries to work towards a common goal. The main objective was to define and standardize ReFood’s QHSE strategy in France, Spain and Poland. We are aware that quality, health and safety are fundamental aspects of our industry, and we are committed to ensuring that the highest standards are maintained in our operations. With this meeting, we seek to further strengthen our strategy and effectively address the challenges and opportunities in the areas of quality, health and safety.

In addition, the meeting aimed to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices between countries. Each country  faces specific challenges related to QHSE, and by sharing knowledge and experiences, we can enrich our perspective and find innovative solutions. We strongly believe in collaboration and mutual learning, and this meeting was an invaluable opportunity to foster this exchange.

SecAnim France: winning the emergency poultry sanitation contract

At the end of August, the French Ministry of Agriculture officially attributed the emergency poultry sanitation contract to SecAnim France.

This contract covers several technical and logistical aspects essential for the emergency sanitation of infected poultry on farms. The company has demonstrated its expertise in the field of special sanitary operations on livestock farms. Professionalism and team spirit were the driving forces behind this success, which consolidates SecAnim’s position as a key player in this sector.

This contract opens up new prospects for the company, reinforcing its reputation for environmental and health management. The national scope of this contract, with an initial duration of three years and the possibility of an extension, illustrates the Ministry’s confidence in SecAnim to meet crucial challenges in the poultry sector.

SecAnim is pleased to have been selected by the Ministry to undertake this important emergency poultry sanitation contract, probably one of the best organized in Europe, and is more than ever committed to meeting customer expectations and thus contributing to the sanitary safety of French poultry farms.

SecAnim Poland: gets closer to its customers

On Saturday, 4 September 2023, SecAnim, took part in the Harvest Festival celebrations of the Makowski district in the Mazovia region in Poland.

The Harvest Festival is a traditional country festival associated with giving thanks for the end of the harvest and field work, and attracted numerous farmers and growers.

The stand was very popular among the farmers present at the event. Visitors were eager to come up and ask questions, and we had the opportunity to explain SecAnim’s activities and its impact on livestock biosecurity and the environment in more detail. Among other things, we talked about how our company specialises in transforming fallen animals into valuable products, which became the subject of many inspiring conversations.
For many farmers, this was really valuable information, as they found out how they contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources by working with SecAnim in addition to the safety of their farms. This harvest festival proved to be an excellent opportunity to create more environmental awareness and show that sustainable agriculture is an important part of the fight against climate change for a better life for future generations. The event was a success, leaving both our company and farmers with an even greater determination to look after our planet.