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Relocation of three
Van Hessen offices

Van Hessen
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Devro setting the record for
the world’s longest meat snack stick

Bioiberica commits to climate neutrality by 2050

SARIA Global Newsletter September 2023

Becoming one divison

Five months have passed since Devro joined SARIA Group on April 14. During this time, we have made an absolute rocket start in growing together as one division.

From day one, people from Van Hessen, Devro and Bioiberica have worked together tirelessly and with incredible dedication to drive and shape the integration of the three business units within the Food & Pharma division. For this reason, the integration project Delta was initiated within the division with various workstreams to get to know the processes and structures of the individual departments in the respective other business units and to jointly identify potential synergies for future cooperation.

Individually strong – even better together

The vision has always been that all three members of Food & Pharma will continue to be individually strong. Each business unit is an expert and a leader in its field and has built up a strong market position over the last decades with the expertise of its employees. At the same time, we know that we can become even better together. Through increased collaboration on a divisional level, we can unlock new potential and pave the way for our mutual growth.

Organizational structure

As a direct result of the integration project Delta, a new organizational set-up for the management of the Food & Pharma division was communicated at the end of August. Regarding the internal organization within the division, responsibilities for business-specific activities will continue to lie with the business units Van Hessen, Devro and Bioiberica themselves. At the same time, some of the activities will be (co-)organized at divisional level to exploit synergy potentials in the best possible way. This applies the most to the areas of: Legal, Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, Marketing & Communications, the new (to be formed) collagen expertise center as well as HSQ and Sustainability in the form of committees.

Our vision for the division

Building on the individual strengths of the three businesses and combining them with the added layer of divisional collaboration will take us successfully into the future and in combination with our shared passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and diverse perspectives we will become even better together.

Relocation of three Van Hessen offices

Our offices in Argentina, Chile and Shanghai have moved.

Our activities in South America are expanding and therefore our offices in Chile and Argentina have moved to new locations that better suit our current operations. In Shanghai, we have chosen to be more accessible to our employees by public transportation and have therefore moved to a more central part of the city.

The new addresses are:

Van Hessen Shanghai
3/F, No. 8 building,
No. 4277 Yindu Road
201108 Shanghai
+86 21 24161600

Van Hessen Argentina
Junín, 191 (piso 4, oficina 3)
2000 Rosario
+54 9 3416 50-7352

Van Hessen Chile
Almirante Pastene, 185 (oficina 205)
Providencia, Región Metropolitana de Santiago
+56 9 9883 6553

Van Hessen at Anuga 2023

From October 7 to 11, 2023, the Anuga will take place in Cologne.

We will be present at the fair and would be happy to meet you in Hall 6 at our booth C-089.

The impressive trade fair concept of Anuga allows exhibitors and trade visitors to experience the diversity of the food and beverage industry in 10 trade shows under one roof. In every specialist segment, each food trade fair is unique and presents products and services related to the respective segment.

Once again, Anuga Meat is uniting the who’s who of the international meat industry. With currently around 600 exhibitors the Anuga trade show for meat, sausage and poultry has an excellent alignment.

Van Hessen is a regular exhibitor at the Anuga and our colleagues can be found on the show floor every day to talk to you. This time, Markus Remmel, Sales Manager at Devro Germany, is also present. He will be happy to answer all questions our visitors have about our new sister company and its products.

You are welcome in Cologne; we hope to see you at the fair! Please contact us for more information at

Devro setting the record for the world’s longest meat snack stick

Devro has played a pivotal role in supporting their customer, Wenzel’s Farm, LLC in setting a Guinness World Record.

As part of Wenzel’s 75th anniversary celebrations, they marked the occasion by attempting to create the world’s longest meat snack stick and partnered with Devro to create a casing which was long enough and strong enough.

The team at Devro’s Sandy Run site in the USA, produced a casing with a length in the range of 315 to 325 feet which is particularly impressive given that the typical strand length for this product is around 70 feet!

Joel Reck, Plant Manager at Wenzel’s Farm, said: “Wenzel’s set the Guinness World Record for the longest snack stick at 314 feet and a few inches and could not have done it without Devro’s help. It was an impressive product that Devro was able to produce for us to achieve this. A huge thank you to everyone on your team for all that went into this wild idea and for all their hard work. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to working with you for years to come.”

This is a truly exceptional achievement which highlights Devro’s commitment to innovation, pushing boundaries, and excellent customer experience. The team demonstrated Devro’s values of being connected by seamlessly working across functions, being couraegous by embracing challenges and being willing to give it a try, and being curious by relentlessly experimenting to optimize the strand length. These actions perfectly align with Devro’s core values and demonstrate the power of collaboration and teamwork.


Bioiberica commits to climate neutrality by 2050

Bioiberica has pledged to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2024, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (in line with scope 1 and 2 of the GHG Protocol) by 30% by 2030, and ultimately, reach complete climate neutrality by 2050.

We highlighted these ambitious goals in our new Climate Strategy Report outlining our plans to address the increasingly urgent global climate emergency. This move forms part of our long-term commitment to reduce the environmental impact, which first began more than 45 years ago. We now aim to deliver a low-emission economy, reduce our water consumption and further expand our renewable energy initiatives to protect the environment and our resources for future generations.

Bioiberica’s production is based on a 100% circular bioeconomy, using manufacturing processes designed to minimise the consumption of water, energy and auxiliary raw materials”, comments Luis Solera, CEO at Bioiberica.Our new Climate Strategy Report includes an inventory of our current greenhouse gas emissions alongside the targets set and the milestones achieved so far. The report also outlines how we plan to tackle future challenges in line with our commitment to become climate-neutral, focusing on business opportunities and more sustainable activities.”

Furthering energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the cornerstones of Bioiberica’s climate strategy and we have continued to build on our commitment to improve energy use since achieving the ISO 50001 certification in 2012. This involved the implementation of an energy management system that helps identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and implement specific changes to reduce consumption. Subsequent improvements include a renovated lighting system, installation of more energy-efficient factory equipment such as upgraded boilers and cooling systems, as well as leak-reducing measures and production process optimisation. As a result, Bioiberica has already significantly reduced its energy consumption. However, the new report details our plans to power our electricity supply from 100% renewable sources by 2024. To reach this goal, energy efficiency criteria will be incorporated into the purchasing of equipment and acquisition of services, and a project is already underway to install 1,000 kW of photovoltaic power for self-consumption.

Reducing wastewater

Since achieving ISO 14001 and the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certification in 1997 and 1999 respectively, Bioiberica’s water usage continues to be a top priority. In recent years, we focused our efforts on minimising water consumption and sanitising wastewater from the production processes. From 2006 to date, approximately 21% of the company’s wastewater has been reused for different processes across our manufacturing activity – and we now aim to further increase this to 50%. Going forward, we have pledged to reduce water usage per tonne of product and ensure all operations respect local water resources, so that any returned water is clean. Future plans include collaboration with local communities to raise awareness of the new initiatives and ensure access to returned water.

“As the climate emergency becomes increasingly urgent, we’re taking action and doing all that we can to minimise Bioiberica’s environmental impact. The framework set out in our new Climate Strategy Report outlines two key focus areas – decarbonising the economy and mitigating the effects of climate change”, adds Luis Solera. “We understand the challenges that lie ahead, and we know there is a long way to go before reaching our 2050 goal of complete climate neutrality, but we are committed to protecting and sustaining the planet, so that it can continue to house all forms of life – people, animals and plants – for years to come.”

Read the full Climate Strategy Report here.