SARIA Global Newsletter November 2022

Sinova at a glance

Dear colleagues,

For the first edition of the SARIA newsletter, we would like to give you an overview of Sinova, as some SARIA colleagues are probably not yet familiar with the details of the divisions.

Sinova is one of the SARIA Group’s three operating divisions and produces high-quality primary products and ingredients for customers in the petfood, feed, aquaculture and oleochemical industries. The factories of Sinova are located in France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Poland, Russia and Belarus. In addition, the fish processing sites and the wet petfood activities in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands are also part of our division. Altogether 2,100 colleagues work at Sinova, with 1,600 of these working in the blue-collar sector.

Clear organizational structure

Sinova has a clear and international organizational structure at all levels and in all areas. For example, Nestle, the world’s biggest food supplier and the second biggest petfood manufacturer, is one of our major customers and very globally organized. Like Nestle, nearly all of our customers operate with an international approach. Therefore, Sinova goes across national borders to serve these customers in the best possible way. At our division, the customer will find one single point of contact for his or her needs. The same applies to operations. Of course, there are country-specific and local factors that we have to address as a division, but we are at the same time ONE Team working together in different regions and areas. In this context, Sinova is an organization that gathers different brands such as Bioceval, Kervalis, ECB, etc. as a unifying structure.

The graphic “Sinova on a page” combines all this, answering the why, the what and the how. Our target is to make the most out of earth’s limited resources. We can only achieve this by being ONE Team at Sinova, which operates in a healthy, safe and fun work environment. We want Sinova colleagues to be proud of the business they work for and engaged with the Sinova purpose and ways of working. We have a clear focus on our customers and want to be an attractive destination for talents. At Sinova the continuous drive of innovation is key for our long-term and sustainable growth. We want to achieve all of this with a modern and open leadership approach, establishing a high-performance culture that excites our colleagues and leads to a mutual team engagement in combination with a lean and agile organization.

The meaning of the name

The name Sinova reflects this approach and objectives. Sinova stands for Sustainable, Ingredients, Nutrition, Oleochemicals & VAlorisation. Furthermore, the word Sinova calls to mind a symphony or an orchestra, which only works if everyone in the team is engaged and participates. However, when this orchestra performs, harmony and cohesion are the result. Sinova also contains the word nova, which means new. New is not only the name but it also reflects the modern approach to leadership at Sinova, which encourages everyone to play an active role in our division. That is the basis for our future growth and success.

In order to express these new approaches and ideas that we are implementing at Sinova, and to ensure a unified appearance and identity of our division, we have also developed a logo. ONE harmonized and all-embracing line forms our Sinova globe. We are ONE team and ONE division that unites the principles that our colors reflect. Our business is a global one. We no longer think in national borders and live an international approach to our business and our customers. The colors that fill the globe illustrate our core values and point to our principles:

Technical Blue:
We know our business in detail and have extensive technical expertise.

Sustainable Green:
We make the most out of Earth‘s limited resources.

Communicative Purple:
We are the preferred partner for our customers and listen to their needs.

Down-to-earth Grey:
We are down-to-earth, open-minded and proud of what we do.

On this basis, together with the Group Communications team, we developed a Sinova corporate design, with a harmonized signature, a Sinova slide master and many other useful tools. Compiled in a brand book, these tools will now be made accessible to all Sinova colleagues and further developed in the coming weeks and months.