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Your SARIA Group Communications

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Your SARIA Group Communications

In November 2022, SARIA announced a takeover offer for the Scottish company Devro, one of the world’s leading suppliers of edible collagen casings, films and coatings. A unique opportunity for the SARIA Group to grow, develop and perfectly complement its product portfolio.

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Organics2Power combines the Group-wide activities of ReFood, SecAnim and ecoMotion in the field of sustainable energy sources based on organic raw materials. Check out the latest trending topics by clicking on the red button below.

The topics are: O2P: employee survey // Daka SecAnim: app update //
ReFood Poland: new Director for Sales & Market Development . . .

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Sinova combines the Group-wide activities of SARVAL and Bioceval in the field of animal feed industry, oleochemistry and agriculture. Check out the latest trending topics regarding this division by clicking on the red button below.

The topics are: International Shared Channels for Sinova // Sustainability – The purpose of Sinova // SINAPS – A powerful data warehouse for Sinova

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Food & Pharma combines the Group-wide activities of Van Hessen and Bioiberica in the field of natural casings and pharmaceutical active ingredients. Check out the latest trending topics regarding this division by clicking on the red button below.

The topics are: Latest partnerships in Argentina for Van Hessen //
Bioiberica: supply chains

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UNO for improved collaboration within the Group

The Project UNO aims to clarify roles, structures and responsibilities in the areas of: IT, HR, Finance and Strategic Purchasing at the interface of the corporate functions and the O2P and Sinova divisions.

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SAF Update

“The SAF project with TotalEnergies is a milestone.” SARIA Executive Board member Nicolas Rottmann informs about the path-breaking project with TotalEnergies.
Check out the YouTube video below.

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SARIA Corporate Presentation

The new corporate presentation for the SARIA Group is now available to download. With up-to-date figures and in a new eye-catching design, the presentation is universally applicable. Check out the website below.

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Sustainability is at the heart of all our business activities. Stay up to date on Group-wide issues in this area.

The trending topic is: How we are prepared for the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

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Changes in ECB Management

Since January 16, 2023, Pascal Wilser and Giovanni Fappani are leading the SARIA-ECB management team for the activities in Italy.

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